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Training modules

Relux Access

Training for beginners

  • Start and Settings
  • Relux Express
  • Standard functions
  • Luminaire selection
  • Dynamic planning
  • Light planning with GBXML files

5h Coursework

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Relux Interior

Training for interior planning complying with the standards

  • CAD import
  • Workplace-based lighting
  • Creating furniture
  • Working with sensors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Daylight efficiency
  • Staircase planning

5h Coursework

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Relux Street&Place

Training for exterior planning complying with the standards

  • Single roadway
  • Replacing luminaires
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Lighting for a car park
  • Individual road lighting
  • Lighting for roundabouts
  • Planning roads

5h Coursework

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ReluxCAD for Revit

Training for Revit

  • Manual luminaire placement
  • EasyLux calculation
  • Room manager
  • Result output
  • Export and import a Relux project
  • Sensor planning

5h Coursework

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Training for emergency lighting planning

  • Emergency lighting
  • High risk areas
  • Emergency signs

2.5h Coursework

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Relux Tunnel

Training for planning tunnels complying with standards